Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back from a long hiatus...

The last time that I have visited this blogspot was a month ago. I have been too busy in my personal life, career and "sort of" love lives- but I don't want to talk about love lives. I have concluded that they will just add shit* in my fucking life. Well, as regards with my career, I am now with Sykes. Compensations are great and am now in the 2nd week of training for an American TelCo account. With regard to my personal life, I am still alive and kicking- as usual. I am still trying to cope up with things I never thought I will encounter.

Okay! I am lost...I can't write anything. I can't think of anything. I am not motivated. All I'm hearing now is the voice of my cousin narrating his feelings about his nanny. His nanny's laundry wash. He doesn't like it obviously. Now he is talking about the bottomless iced tea he and his colleagues used to enjoy whenever they are thirsty and free. Anyway, the past month of my life was considerably one of the most exciting and tiring month of my life. I enjoyed that because I was with my "kapatid" yang.

Anyway, I blogged because I am about to publish the part one of my own story/  creation. I have done this during our training at Sykes. Since our trainer was busy discussing something. I have taken advantage of that time to do this. Here it goes...

The day of our greatest bereavement.
Part 1.
Original composition of Marcus.

It was dark, boisterous, cold and frightening.
The only light that you can see is the light coming from a candle that shines for almost fourth part of the room.
There were screams, shouts and cries that covered the whole place.
You will hear nothing but just those sounds.
It was horrible.
Everyone seemed to die as every minute passes by.
Sounds started to rise as if it intends to break our ears.

It's still dark.
Darkness covered our eyes and our hopes.
Scattered pieces of peace and leaves were on the floor.
The candle from afar has started to lose it's light.
It's lux has gone, our light has gone.
Cold wind is what were breathing in and out.
Freight reigned all over the place; Monsters eating our faith.
A sudden silence was observed.
In a flash of light, sound deserts.
A sudden silence turned into hours and years.
No one attempted to speak nor breathe.
Some died with words unspoken.
Some left with grief unexpressed.
I remained silent.
Almost everybody remained silent.
I remained standing while everyone was sitting.
I remained hoping when everyone was floating.

Years and years have passed by.
Tears and tears have gone dry.
From millions to thousands and now zeroes, no one stood up for it's people.
I cried, I sighed and I hide.
The feelings just let them go by.
I kneeled, I bleed and I tried.
But no one remained alive to fight back.
Again, my heart remained calm.
Hoping that there will be no harm.
I again gazed the whole nation.
Crowd was full of depression.
I can't remember the fear it brought me seeing my peers are dreary.
Oblivion starts to fall down.
They have forgotten the ways they should have taken.
They have missed the trains they should have boarded.
Fears and tears collided; Sweats and breathes were controlled.

I wandered.
I explored the whole area.
I have gone out of the room.
I have seen bloody soldiers holding their guns.
They shouted "Kalayaan!" -that sounds so unfamiliar.
I touched their heads and they started to die.
I have seen traces of punishments, drought, sufferings and maltreatments.
Their bloody bodies covered the entire place.
I have seen red, white and blue cloths and covered it to their bodies.
They cried and summoned for help.
Another man shouted "Kalayaan!" I asked him "What is that?"
He was shocked!- as if he had seen a monster that will suddenly eat him.
I ignored; I walked again.
From the distance, I see pile of people for decapitation.
I headed to that place.
I was shocked! I have cried and I screamed.
Poor people are next to the list.
I tried to shout in as loud as I can but it seems like no one cares.
They continued to decapitate vigilant.
They seemed to be so arrogant.
They laughed and laughed while watching blood drops.
I heard someone saying "Maawa!" of which I am not familiar of.
I asked one of the soldiers "What is maawa?".
He told me "This is what you want!"

I was like day- dreaming.
It's more than sleep- walking.
It's more of trouble- sleeping.
I observed the surrounding.
I asked myself what was happening.
Rain started to pour.
Every drops weighed as if it's a mourn.
I heard thunders and roars; Just like a screaming whores.
Do you know what was that for?
I also have seen groups of people protecting themselves  using umbrellas.
Unlike others, they are well- guarded of big men wearing tuxes.
They have seemed to hide social- secrets behind the fences.
I wandered.

I have seen pieces of bread.
Different colors and "I guess" different flavors.
There were blue, green, red. yellow and black.
I picked up the green one with a brand name ANIMO!
Next, I tasted the blue one labeled ONE BIG FIGHT!
and finally I was choked  by the red one named UNIBERSIDAD!
I have seen individuals craving for the green and blue breads.
They throwed red breads as a sign of somewhat like Protest!
They even said "Ibaba!" and "Makibaka!" and again I don't know them.
I walked and observed the whole vicinity.
It was covered by sort of obscenity.
Young girls walking shirtless, young boy sleeping shortless.
I wandered.

{to be continued}...