Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where do I begin?

Writing this would have been more fun if I have music on the side. But since it is useless at this very moment, I had to endure the pain of doing it without a little something that keeps me motivated.

Last Friday Night....

My dear slash glam friend from my recent workplace and I went to Eastwood to meet up with our third sister. My friend and I have not seen our third sister for the longest time. She has spent much of her time and affection to her former boyfriend (Well, they just broke up!). To ignore the part where our third sister has to reign, we partied at Agave. We have started partying at around past seven in the evening. As expected, since the three glam and fab individuals have met, the night has turned out to be something different. 

My friend and I have ordered unlimited glass of Margarita, well apparently they call it bottomless Margarita, and our dear sister has opted to quaff Tanduay Ice. It was so wonderful up until late midnight. Not noticing the amount of Margarita I have gulped, things around me have started to revolve and look differently. Gotcha! I am officially under the influence of 10 big glasses of Margaritas. I puked and yes! I could no longer walk straight. 

My friend was so gentleman enough to drop me off few metres away from my place. I swear! Margarita did a good job in making moi really and terribly drunk. 

The day after....

I underwent a very bloody prophylaxis. It was the very first time I bled like hell. I did not love it as much as how I loved the very first time it was done to me. The result? I now have a shining shimmering splendid smile. LOL!


This will be somewhat sentimental as it is love, that did not make sense. Nevertheless, let me share it to you my blog.

As a living creature of God, I also long for someone that can love me albeit it is not the way how I wanted to be loved. This has always been a part of my prayers and has long wished for it. I know I can live even without  the presence of someone in my life. Just recently, this particular aspect that I wish for has been granted. Someone that I have just known and met has stood tall and showed off his manliness. This someone has given   me a different affection that I have only felt with my formers. 

I can say he is neither my type nor my preference as a partner, but he showed me something beyond his looks, words and whatever! Consistently sent me text messages, updated me about his whereabouts and even if he has had to take either his brekky, lunch or dinner, he has never forgotten to send me a text message. So, I felt like 'Is this really true?' 

You know, if you came from a not-so-good break up, it will be hard for you to open up your heart again to someone. I have learned that, and I always advise this to my friends, before you enter a relationship and love someone, make sure that you impeccably know how and why you are loving yourself. We must give value first to ourselves before appreciating the value of others. We must allow ourselves to grow first so that by the time we are ready to share ourselves with someone, we already know the basics of love and life. 

It took so many nights before I came up with a very heartbreaking decision. I did not know whether it was for good or what but all I knew that time was I am firm and I need not to be cessated. So, I ended everything. I know what I did was unfair but I just did not find any reason and advantage of being with someone at the wrong time. Since then, I have not replied to any of messages and deleted his number. If by any chance that this person will lurk on my page and read this, please accept my apologies. It was never my intention to hurt you but understand that I do not want to prolong something that I foresee will not grow as how you are perceiving it. I know you have so much loved me in a very short time we have had, but I know I do not deserve the love you have offered. Thank you so much!

Moving on...

I can not deny the fact that I have never been this happy. I feel complete despite all the imperfections of everyday. I grew so much and transformed myself into someone I never thought I would be. I appreciate little things that come across everyday.