Friday, February 4, 2011

Baguio getaway....

I just love Baguio (BA_GI_YO -just like how my foreigner friend pronounced it) With this so much love in my heart, I was thinking of moving there for good and living my life to the fullest without being forced and living the real life a real human should feel and experience...Me and my officemates stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and I, personally, concluded that those days and nights are not enough to experience what Baguio offers us (as a tourist).  I enjoyed the food, experience and the fun I had for that short period of time. 'Zipline' was good and to be honest, it was just my first time riding on that flying thing that made my heart and my body feel so numb. I really really enjoyed it.. If there is a place that I would like to settle down - so far- it's going to be, Baguio.

Anyway, so much for appreciation and all that thing. How's life Marcus? How's the air you breathe and the people that sorround you? How's work? How's bloglife? Well, it made me jump- literally, when I found out that from 2 followers I now have 5..haha..good job! 

(sudden pause...coz I can't think of a word to say) 

There you go..I am happy now..I mean happier..I am being paid well by my job and I feel like every single night that I am awake is equally paid off. I just love my life now..Can't wait to see Baguio again..Till next time dear Blog..Byee..:0