Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I, again, had forced myself to wake up. With lots of butterflies in my stomach and an intense headache, I stood tall and headed to work.

Before narrating what happened in my work-life today, I just like to reminisce good things that happened to me last night with my cousins.

Last night was the night that I had definitely missed. In relation to my previous post and as planned, we celebrated the birthday of my cousin. Cousins near to us gathered to celebrate not the birthday but to full their tummies with liquours and "pulutans". As per my instruction, they prepared my favorite finger food- Tofu and Pork. To be frank- I hope I won't hurt the feelings of my cousins and even my tita who cooked it- I did not enjoy the Tofu and Pork. The previous one they have prepared is way better as to compare. I enjoyed it though.

I was able to mingle with my long-time no-see cousins again. Now that we are grown ups and has our own jobs, we are now permitted to imbibe vodkas, beers and so many more- even infront of our Tita's who happens to be our number one enemy when we're youngsters. This is the real benefit of ageing (I don't know if I have to term it that way?!) -you are free to do such things. I just reminisced that when I still stands four feet, sniffing of liquours is the only thing I can do- that is without their eagle eyes. Our next drinking session will be held on Saturday which I personally believe I will surrender and will be the first one to raise the flag of giving up- Duh! hope it won't happen. May whoever help me out on Saturday.

I, indeed, enjoyed the night but like any other fairytale, after the winning moment there goes the irritating moments- yes it's with S.


Remember my "See life in a different point of view...- My blogspot post. Well, it actually pertained to a person that I am- from the very beggining- super irritated. It's a him- an old "him". I hate him because I know things between us will not work out, that paths of ours will never crossed and differences will never be patched.

This is how I exploded:

Every morning after logging on to our Avaya- our time keeper something, I used to check out my facebook first and fill my tumbler with water in our pantry. It takes few minutes whenever I am doing them.

Since it's my tradition, I have done it this day. It's near 9 AM so I headed out of our pantry and if I am not mistaken our pantry is located 20m away from my post, away from our bay. I heard a guy shouting in a barbaric way "Che (my supervisor) ano ba yan 9 na wala pa si Marcus sa post niya"..he repeated it twice. At that very moment my blood pounded my head and made me irrititated. You wanna know why? it is because it was not my supervisor who shouted. It was the old man whose compensation is lower than mine. It was the aged man who acts like a supervisor but cannot perfect his QA scores. It was the archaic poser that lives next to the flinstones. OMG! unknowingly my mouth uttered " Who the hell are you to shout that way? You are not my supervisor nor authorized to shout my name that loud..... " Banging of words continued but I basically cannot remember words I've uttered as those were the only words marked in my pounding brain.

I remained composed and educated. I tried not to feel his presence but it was him who made me exploded again. He stressed uneducated words like plastic and a lot more that made me really angry. He also chats with his same old persona that is physically speaking I'm way better. I hate them. My friends on the next bay taught me to give him war. War that he initiated. Some told me to ignore those shits and most of them taught me to fight. They assured me that they are on my behind if ever I will be needing a help. Friends who pushed me to fight back yelled "Marcus hayaan mo na siya...feelingero kasi eh". He thought I was asking for help so when my friends sat down and get back to work. He simply said "Hindi ko kailangan ng kakampi".. At the back of my mind I said "Wow! do I look like I need companion in defeating archaic shit like him".

As I was composing this blog, I remained silent. He might think that I am giving up but a big hell NO! I'm just giving you this time. It's your chance and better be prepared for my time to explode- again. I know I should not be ruining my day for non-sense persons such you but I tell you the war has just begun. Doing this makes me look like I am giving you an attention but no it's not! This is simply because I am still angry. You are such a big crop.

If there is- hopefully- someone who will be reading this post. I am not rude. Please don't be mislead with how I reacted today, I am just mad. Friends of mine will prove that I am a good person but I don't have to explain myself. You are a human also, so you must have known why I am feeling this way.

Advise to myself:

Marcus please remain composed. They will just measure your humanism. Do not step down on their level. Again, nobody will love you the same way as how you are loving yourself.
Oopss...I nearly forgot.

This is- so far- the quirkest thing happened to me today.

This morning, like my usual and daily routine, I rode in a jeepney going to the LRT. The jeepney was about to go when a lady boarded . She almost fell as she was just wearing a skirt. I had my eyes torned to her and found myself saying "She is beautiful, oh no pretty..oh no beautiful!" Damn! she looks like in her early 30's but god! she is freakingly hot!- not the hotties wearing short skirts, spaghetti straps or any alluring skimpy dresses, she is way hotter that them. She looks like an office girl. She is holding a cup of Taho but damn! she made me go bonkers!

Haha...I am super happy. Wish I'll get to know her more. (In your dreams Marcus..) *giggles*

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