Saturday, September 4, 2010

WordPress welcomed me.

First day of using wordpress.
At first I had troubles accessing the webpage itself. Able to sign in but cannot logged on. It was quite disappointing because all the time that I have been reading blogs of different people using wordpress, they seemed to be very satisfied and happy on how wordpress is performing, however, I do not have the right to complain.

As I have mentioned on the first stanza, I have been reading blogs of different people subscribed to wordpress for the past times that I dare not to remember. My most favorite blogsite that I accidentally accessed was or simply Marcus can blog- a cute little boy who absolutely posts blogs with the guide of his loving father. I salute his Daddy's undying love for him that even if he can't speak nor utter a single word, he can express his self.

Moving on, my undying love for writing drove me here to do blogging. My favorite past time is writing, wherever I am I make sure that I have my pencil and green apple notebook with me. I tell you I can live without my cellphone but not my pencil, notebook and Ipod- yes! they give me hope. Anyway, I can say that writing is a talent I have adopted from my ancestors. My Grannie is a writer in a publication office somewhere during her times, she is, indeed, a good writer and an influential leader. So much about her- she's 6 feet under, writing is my passion. It gives me a different point of view in life. It also allows me to express myself in a way that I think I will be better understand and comprehend.

Literally speaking, my handwriting is not that good. I do not know different strokes and never appreciated because of my handwriting nor never been a Secretary during my school days- I have not dreamt of being one either. Albeit of not being gifted when it comes to my handwriting, I have received various awards and recognitions because of my writings. I love Editorial writing and Copy reading or proof reading, these two are my fortes when it comes to journalism. But I guess blogging is way better than journalism, no stress, no rules, every opinion will be respected- except to those who can't fathom you, and you are working like a free-lancer writer who can do and write whatever they want under sun. Still my guess, the big difference of journalism and blogging is, blogging is more of a personal thing whereas journalism is more of a national thing..haha.forgive me.

Well I guess I am going too personal. Whenever I am writing blogs on my blogspot account, the story or context revolves around my agonies in life. Since I don't have friends that I can chat wth regarding my agonies, I am writing them down to atleast relieve the pain I am feeling. I don't know but I think blogging is my way of expressing myself. If you will get to know me better, I am a timid type of person. I will talk to you whenever I want and if ever I want.

Expect that in my blogs you'll see some my life's agonies and how I am being overwhelmed by them.

Much has been said I guess.


Blogspot believe me, I won't leave you..:)

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